1/9/2012 Update: He’s gone 😦

1/7/2012 Update: Zaku is still up over at bambaland. Word it he’ll be staying up for a bit to give more people a chance  to (sell off  bodily fluids for cash ) grab him. He could come down without warning though so if you’re on the edge.. JUMP man!

New 3A releases!

Head over to bambaland on Jan 6th (today!) in a few @ 9:00AM HK to snag the first of 3A and Bandai’s collaboration on it’s infamous Gundam series.. Zaku!

This guy is a monster, standing some 16 inches tall. From the images, he looks amazing. I haven’t paid attention to Gundam since high school but this guy caught it!

Hopefully he’ll be up for 24 hours to let whoever’s hankering to snag him.

$330 USD includes international shipping

3A retailers just started stocking the all new ghillie suit sporting BBICN Exclusive Bot Sniper Punter!

I love the massive sniper gun and of course the ghillie suit. Nice to see a little camo on the face too. A must have.

Prices vary, but seems to be in the $140 – $150 range

A few great shops to check out if you’re interested – Fallen Regime, Vinyl Purgatory, One Sixth Bruce (UK), This is Vinyl.

5 thoughts on “NEW 3A RELEASES!

  1. It kills me that Zaku is STILL up at Bambaland store and that I can’t buy him. …….just spent over a grand on car repairs, so there’s no way I can afford him right now. Sucks, I was really looking forward to getting him. Anyway, enough about my woes…….. love that your keeping this blog updated! ……even between releases! There just isn’t enough 3A coverage in my opinion. Sure, we got people on Youtube doing reviews, Eric and his 3A radio podcast, and popular toy bloggers reporting on new releases (toysrevil), that’s all great, but we need MORE!! So, please keep it up. love reading people’s opinions and experiences with the world of 3A and their fantastic figures. Cheers! 🙂

    – Ryan (a.k.a. Ryno38 on 3A boards)


    • You know it man! I really enjoy the community and updating the site whenever I can.. the tricky part is what to do in BETWEEN things 🙂 Glad you like what we’ve done so far.. keep checking back and I appreciate your comment.

      Also.. Zaku isn’t an easy pill to swallow at that price.. I had to sell off a few pieces I really love to be able to afford it… old blood for new.. it’s the only way I can manage..


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