1/9/2012 Update: He’s gone 😦

1/7/2012 Update: Zaku is still up over at bambaland. Word it he’ll be staying up for a bit to give more people a chance  to (sell off  bodily fluids for cash ) grab him. He could come down without warning though so if you’re on the edge.. JUMP man!

New 3A releases!

Head over to bambaland on Jan 6th (today!) in a few @ 9:00AM HK to snag the first of 3A and Bandai’s collaboration on it’s infamous Gundam series.. Zaku!

This guy is a monster, standing some 16 inches tall. From the images, he looks amazing. I haven’t paid attention to Gundam since high school but this guy caught it!

Hopefully he’ll be up for 24 hours to let whoever’s hankering to snag him.

$330 USD includes international shipping

3A retailers just started stocking the all new ghillie suit sporting BBICN Exclusive Bot Sniper Punter!

I love the massive sniper gun and of course the ghillie suit. Nice to see a little camo on the face too. A must have.

Prices vary, but seems to be in the $140 – $150 range

A few great shops to check out if you’re interested – Fallen Regime, Vinyl Purgatory, One Sixth Bruce (UK), This is Vinyl.