Rad Toy Review is a site dedicated to.. well, rad toys! The main thing we hope to accomplish here is to take a ton of great photos of the greatest toys available and write our in-depth, honest, and hopefully, entertaining, take on them.

We are also big fans of the custom and DIY toy community, so we offer a ton of great DIY tutorials and tips. You’ll find them all in The Workshop, each one crafted by some of the best toy customizers out there.

While we’re not a site dedicated to the latest toy or collectible news (there are already sites out there who do that and do it well), we will occasionally preview up and coming things that catch our eye. You’ll also find the occasional review of movies, music and games.

Follow us here, on Twitter and on Facebook and tell us how you think we’re doing.

Interested in contributing a review or workshop, sending us something cool to review or simply have questions? Email us at radtoyreview@gmail.com!

Thank you for stopping by!

– Knives


Disclaimer and Disclosure

Our hope is to provide entertaining, visually intriguing reviews and articles that provide in-depth insight into collectible products. All the reviews presented here are 100% personal opinion of the review’s author and are based off personal experience and use.

We review what we review because of our personal interest in the product. We are not paid by companies to write reviews for their products and we do not accept payment in exchange for positive reviews.

Occasionally a company will send us a toy or product sample to review. In the case when an item is sent to us, we will always state so at the bottom of the review in question. We love and highly appreciate when companies whose products we enjoy, send us items to review. That being said, receiving an item for free holds no sway over our opinion and does not equal a positive review. Period.

While we hope to be able to change this in the future, at the moment we are unable to accept advertising requests. The only compensation we receive is a minuscule percent from wordpress.com’s wordads which goes 100% into the upkeep and maintenance of this blog.

In short:

  • If the product we review was given to us by an outside source, we will always state so at the end of the review
  • We will not give favorable reviews in exchange for products or any form of compensation as we strive to present and maintain an honest and trustworthy online presence
  • We do not accept money for reviewing or discussing products


If you have any questions concerning our reviews please email us at radtoyreview@gmail.com




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