DIY de Plume

If you would like your DIY De Plume to be included in this gallery, send a few samples to Please include your name and how you would like your work to be credited (real name, forum tag, etc).

Thanks for sharing!



Custom by Eric Sorrells (ersico)

 “Okefenokee De Plume got his hand bit off by a gator”



Custom by  Eric Cohen (omega145)

” Omega Cor De Plume”

I wanted to attempt a Medic De Plume and wound up with my version called Omega Cor De Plume.

To me that is translated to the Last Heart as in the Medic is the only person on the battlefield who has heart enough to heal instead of kill in the midst of the battlefield.
This is the first custom I’ve ever done and I have 3A to thank for giving me an excellent base to attempt this on.  Thanks go out to my wonderful wife Wendy who’s always supportive in everything and my buddy Eric (Ersico) for giving me many customizing tips and helping out my confidence to make the attempt.
– Eric Cohen (omega145)


Custom by Enzo Garza

“Weirdo clean freak munitions expert”

After seeing Ashley Wood post this brief description of DIY de Plume I knew I couldn’t mess with my DIY when it arrived. Not to say I don’t want to take on another DIY later. With this one I wanted to keep the DIY character complete but in the tradition of Do It Yourself, still do some alterations. In the end I chose to have DIY be the first de Plume with removable mask and helmet. This meant I had the great opportunity to give de Plume a face, as no one has yet to see one without their iconic gas mask.

Removing the helmet was easy with some warm/hot water. The more difficult part was cutting the mask from the old de Plume head and hollowing it out enough to fit correctly on the new head. A decapitated soldier head from the WWRp Dirty Deeds Bertie supplied DIY’s new head. I thinned down the cheeks and altered the nose, removed the hair and ears and added some scarring to the cheeks. Add the two beady eyes and I feel DIY now has that cold look I imagine the de Plumes all share. Some white paint and DIY is all set.

For now the mask fits snuggly wedged between the inner helmet and face. The next step will be to add a small elastic strap to the mask to have DIY with mask sans helmet.Although right now I think my favorite look for DIY is sans mask with helmet.

My many thanks to 3A, Ash, Kim, all who work hard to bring us that great 3A merch and Knives for the little spotlight on DIY and those offering up their alterations.

– Enzo


Custom by Eric Sorrells aka “ersico”

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