Toy Talk

This is where you’ll find talk about toy’s that arn’t reviews. We love talking about the toys we love (and sometimes hate)! If there’s a specific figure, toy line or company you’d like to see us discuss here, leave a comment and we’ll do our best to make it happen!





– Quick peek at 3A’s Adventure Kartel Retail Series 1

– News and Musings 3/20/2012

– First Look: Wondercon Exclusive Star Wars Shock Trooper Two Pack ARTFX + Statue by Kotobukiya

– Midweek toy News: Feb 8 2012

Artist Spotlight: Chris Moore of “We Become Monsters”

– Preview: DC Comics Batman Black Costume ARTFX Statue

– 3AA Membership 2012 information

– Cheap Thrills – Article – by Jim Bailey

– New 3A Releases 1/05/2012

– Best 3A figures of 2011







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