3AA Details revealed

You can see the whole thing here if you like..

The highlights for those with lazy fingers… and I quote.

3AA 2012 goes onsale 13th Jan at 9-00am, the sale will last 24 hours and the opportunity to join 3AA will not come around till the same time next year!

3AA 2012 costs $180USD, the member pack consists of 15% discount to any product purchased directly from 3A via Bambaland or conventions etc for the period of 12 months ( under the account name the 3AA 2012 was purchased ), 3AA messenger bag, 3AA baseball cap ( regular size ), membership card and the exclusive Adventure Kartel 1/6th figure F-LEGION.

Zang! $180 is higher than last year, which was $150. But come on! That price isn’t too shabby for an awesome looking 1/6 fig, swaggah and a year of 15% off bamba purchases! Plus if you’re already in 3AA, you even get 15% off the price of renewing your membership.. $153. Boom!Practically the price of last years.

One thing I noticed was in the detailed info about the difference between 3AA and standard sales.  3AA exclusive figs have been a thing for awhile, as have time guarantee’s for3AA members. But a new additions this time around is the passing mention of Ashley Wood 1:1 editions. Does this mean only members will have access to the (much) larger scale releases Ash has been teasing everyone with the past year? And will 15% off a $3000 (blind est.) toy really make enough price difference for anyone san and normal to afford it? :

F Legion the 3AA exclusive toy


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