Wednesday’s Wallpaper of the Week

3A’s ReVenture is now behind us. Some very fortunate fans had the opportunity to score some pretty killer exclusive toys, sold in sets and limited to one per. A very small and extremely crazily lucky few were able to score ALL the exclusives they wanted. One such luck-miester is today’s wallpaper contributor, Kaiserfrog19. Featuring all 4 of the ReVenture exclusive Tomorrow King Old Gaurds. I couldn’t be more jealous!

This is the 3rd wallpaper set that Kaiserfrog has sent us and once again it’s stellar. Big thanks also to the HK Legion and those who shared their images for giving us all an inside glimpse of ReVenture 2012!


click on your desired screen resolution to download!

Kaiserfrog19 TKOldGaurd 1024×768

KaiserFrog19 TKOldGuard 1280×800

Kaiserfrog19 TKOldGaurd 1920×1200

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If you’d like to contribute to Wednesday’s Wallpaper of the Week and have your name go down in history as someone who’s image is a wallpaper on a (awesome) website drop us a line at with your idea and/or image sample.

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