Wednesday’s Wallpaper of the Week

Today’s wallpaper is one of my favorites yet! The photographer who goes by the mysterious name of The Red Lady has captured the compelling blend of innocence and twisted circuitry that is the 3A Square. I can only imagine that she took to photographing this troubled toy as well as she might have to cooking delicious cajun food.. with ease, grace and an inherent know how derived from generations of family influence.

I must confess. I am probably a little biased. Today’s wallpaper is from my wife.

The WWR and WWRp squares have always been her favorite of 3A’s toys. She’s also a graphic designer and photographer herself. When this grand opportunity arrived for her to shoot some shots of the little bugger, she jumped at it.

OK, I asked her politely and she said she’d do it if I cleaned the kitchen.

Well the kitchen is clean and the photos are shot. We hope you enjoy!

click on your desired screen resolution to download!

Square Bomb by The Red Lady 1024x768

Square Bomb by The Red Lady 1280x800

Square Bomb by The Red Lady 1920x1200

Bonus iPhone wallpaper!

Square Bomb by The Red Lady iPhone

See ya next week!

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