A Quick look at 3A’s Retail Adventure Kartel figures

Finally filling peoples homes and shelves all across the world is 3A’s Adventure Kartel Retail series. As one might assume, this host of figures are 3A retail exclusives. The bad news piece of that being that all of us with 3AA memberships and like to see them put to use had/will have to dump a good bit of extra change to snag one or several of them. The good news is, if you missed out and see one below you like, you have a pretty good chance at hunting him or her down fairly easily at your favorite online comic/toy shop.

Of the set, Jungle Vet is the only one we currently have coming our way. A review of course will follow his arrival but for now please enjoy the pics below!

A big thank to threeA forum member scummonkey for contributing  the pics from his collection of the entire gang for our site. He’s way nicer than his name sounds! 🙂



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12 thoughts on “A Quick look at 3A’s Retail Adventure Kartel figures

  1. not sure if i’m feeling the paints on those zombs.
    not that i had a problem with the initial zomb 2.0 paints, but those looks similar to the initial release.
    could be the fotos too.
    3a can sometimes be an inhand thing. (that’s what she said…)


    • I hear ya.. they look pretty flat to me too.. seems to be the general consensus..
      I think Tommy came out pretty cool.. and I can see why some might dig the new Shadow face sculpts.. I’m most excited about.Jungle Vet. He’s looking pretty good! Camo seems more “realistic” than what we’ve seen with On’so and Jungler’s. I’m looking forward to doing a review of him.. come ON sideshow…


  2. First off,.. I love ’em all. I think the HoodZombs bring an extra layer to the undead horde with a little extra flavor. Small tweak but comes off with some nice style.
    JungleVet and Johnson are pure wins and take the Ankou to the next level imo – I mean, the hands & camo on the Vet + the gloss finish and stylish coloring on Johnson = YES!!!
    The female figures,.. just not my thing but definitely something new to bring to the AK-verse.
    But the criticism,.. for all the time these took, the overall sense I get is that these were rushed or had some corners cut to get them out.
    I mean, look at the deep and developed grime and contrast in weathering on all of the proto pics. I don’t want to get into that whole “Those were just protos”,.. the protos show that more time, care and detail could have been put into these guys to make them even better than they already are. That’s the part where, even though I love ’em, I’m left knowing that in all honesty – 3A can hit a higher level than what was delivered.
    It’s all good, believe me, it’s all good. But,.. it’s something I hope to see them take note of.


    • Thanks for the insight Squash! I know what you mean about “knowing 3A is capable of doing better”.. Sometimes you get something from them and it just hit all the right chords.. not a missed beat.. I’d even go out on a limb and say the majority of the time.. I think that’s why it makes such an impact when you get something that doesn’t pass your personal 3A standards test..

      Come on people! 1400 views and two comments?? Lets hear some thoughts! 🙂


  3. i only have the hood zomb in hand also i like it, my complaint bout them, paint rub on the inside of the hand and both hands popped off way too easily. Also i think the hood is too large, it has the wire for shaping but overall i think it either peaks too high for the head when worn or totally covers the face

    would i return it or wish i passed? nope , i love it to death as is 🙂


  4. I’ll give you some thoughts Mr. Knives! 🙂
    This stuff looks rushed and below 3A standards.
    The more people except the more they have no reason to change.
    Keeping buying inferior rushed product guys and then complain about it on random forums.
    Has anyone seen the older figures? How can you put this on the same shelf with them?
    This will just get worst.
    Also- I think you are getting so many hits because the quality of this line is so suspect and people are trying to see if the should buy or if they did, how bad they can expect the stuff to be.


  5. Even at their worse, 3A makes some of the best toys out there. Especially for the price.
    That’s not to give them quarter or say it’s ok for them to slap dash their products. It’s just my opinion.
    But, it’s easy to get bummed out when you expect a lot higher quality out of a company than what you end up with. Particularly when there is evidence that it’s possible! They’ve done it before with less! There seems to be a lot of talk that 3A is experience some funky growing pains. If that’s the case, I hope they get through them soon and get back to the kind of quality the fans correlate to 3A.
    I think Caesar will be a real test.. They’re going to need to be perfect.
    and maybe they will be! 🙂

    Thanks for the comments guys!


  6. but the masses will continue to support the worst and slap dash….dont you see?
    many dont even know any better. the art is becoming lost.
    why should 3a try harder?
    there is no longer a practical reason for them to do anything at a higher quality.
    C+ is a clearly still a passing grade w/ most 3A fans and waaaay easier/faster/cheaper then A+s of the past.


    • I don’t usually take the cynical view on things.. especially toys/collectibles.. and fully expect to be thrilled with many future 3A releases…up to now I’ve enjoyed my 3A collection immensely.
      If the quality truly dips and as you say “the art becomes lost”.. my personal interest will certainly go as well… as will yours and all the other fans out there that knew them as they once were.. aka “know better”.
      We’ll be replaced by 1000’s of new unaware fans.. but that’s OK.. we’ll be on to other things and happier for it!
      thanks for the comment Greedo.


  7. i dont think everything will be crap. i just think more is becoming crappy. i still believe there will be great things that will come along from 3a that will trill us.
    i agree that Caesars will tell a lot. Sham too.


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