*MINI REVIEW* 3A Mini Dark Bertie Pack


This isn’t so much a review as a very brief pictorial assisted by some words. For those not in the know, these lil’ guys were available during 3A’s WWR Rothchild drop. Two choices were up at the time, a DIY 20 pack and the (at the time called “dirty deeds”) Dark 12 Pack. I went with the Dark pack because I’m a fan of the Dirty Deeds color way and thought it’d be cool to see it realized on a micro scale. They both cost the same and looking back I’m not 100% sure I made the right buying decision. After all you get 8 more mini bots in the DIY.. anyway, the “deed” is done, on to the rest of this mini review!


These 12 little dudes showed up in a nondescript, slightly beaten box. Unlike most 3A stuff, there wasn’t anything in the way of logo to tip me off to the contents short of the word “Singapore”. Tearing that open revealed a super simple card/bag. As you can see, the card has a cute Bertie sketch and a toss of logos on it, while the bag is uh.. clear.


What’s included? Twelve tiny blackish Berties. Big surprise huh?


You pretty much get what you see. These guys are cute mini-me versions of their big Bertie bro’s. No articulation at all and made of a light plastic (which didn’t help when trying to take photos of them outdoors in the wind). The main reason I bought these guys over the DIY is because I thought they’d be spot on versions of Dirty Deeds, with the logos, graphics, etc.. but instead they are logo free, coated in what is essentially a base layer of paint with some sponged on “weathering” splotches. I’d much preferred more accurate and purposed  paints on them. Before anyone says “But they’re so TINY!”.. go check out the some  of the painted miniatures of Warhammer and their lot.. THOSE are tiny. Still, the paint gets the job done and what’s there looks good.

It is a bit of a marvel that 3A was able to whittle the classic Bertie form down to this scale. My mind begins to wander how cool seeing all our favorite 3A figs at this scale and sliding them across a cardboard battlefield, a’ la board game would be.

It’d been awesome if they had flexed their engineering muscles a tad more and gave us some articulation but for what they are, they’re still pretty cool accessories to your other figures. They’re like toys for our toys!


Yay! Mini Berties. They’re cool.

Depending what you’re looking for you might think the better dollar value lay at the feet of the DIY pack as it is the clear champion of the Number Games (TM). Also the paint app on the Dark pack isn’t anything that one of you DIYers with a few minutes time couldn’t quickly knock out. I really enjoyed taking some shots of these little buggers, particularly with their big brother Bertie. It’s cool to see so much personality coming off a completely non-articulated spec of plastic. I think the most exciting thing for me about them is that they get my hopes up for a WWR strategy or board game.


  • cute mini Berties!
  • Great bot design and personality
  • Fun toys for your toys
  • Fun to customize


  • Ya might feel like the “Dark” pack is kinda a rip compared to the DIY pack.
  • Nothing “Dirty Deeds” about the pack other than the dirty part.

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3 thoughts on “*MINI REVIEW* 3A Mini Dark Bertie Pack

    • Looking back $30 is pretty steep for what you get. But I have been enjoying setting them up and around my collection, taking little snapshots etc.. I suppose it’s all relative.


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