Wednesday’s Wallpaper of the Week

Today is Wednesday so of course we bring you Wednesday’s Wallpaper of the Week! You might be asking yourself why we keep featuring 3A’s Grunts figures on this site. There are two specific reasons for this..

A. Well, frankly we can’t get enough of them…

and B. Just look at how COOL this shot is from Winged Yeti!

I love everything about this image! I love how clean and focused it is. It really shows off what’s so great about the EMGY colorway. The inclusion of the two Tomorrow King botheads is perfect as well. Thanks Jared, for putting together this week’s sweet exclusive wallpaper!

Now I’m off to rearrange my display to match this setup…


click on your desired screen resolution to download!

“King Emgy” by  Winged Yeti

KingEmgy 1024x768

KingEmgy 1280x800

KingEmgy 1920x1200

See ya next week!

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