Hey folks! Today is Wednesday.. hump day.. etc!

So far this week, it’s been pretty quiet around these parts but there are a few things popping up soon!

Of course today being Wednesday, there will be a Wednesday’s Wallpaper of the Week dropping extremely, incredibly, intensely soon! Like, literally seconds after we post this.

Masters of the Universe fans rejoice.. someone finally got around to taking a closer look a few of these really cool, Four Horsemen sculpted figs. Review = soon.

All new Workshop this Friday! As usual, it’ll be a good ‘n!

In other news.. I had planned to start a video review feature for the site and post it up this past week. Well, as fate would have it, my video camera decided to take a swim with the fishes which effectively kill my idea. But don’t lose heart dear reader, I will again one day procure a camera and make with the video reviews.. You’ll be the first to know when I do!

While the pace hasn’t been as brisk the past two or three weeks around here as we’d like.. In the next few weeks we’ll be doing reviews for figures from Kotobukiya, Play Arts Kai, Mattel and of course 3A. We’re also excited about the slew of all new Workshops we’ve planned to hand craft just for all you customizing crazies.

Thanks for reading!

– Knives


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