Video Review: 3A – WWR MLTA Evol Square – NYCC Exclusive

Check out our quick-review of 3A’s New York Comic Con Exclusive, WWR MLTA Evol Square!



Might Square size comparison

These images just popped up of  3A’s soon to be released Mighty Square. Check the size comparison of him to regular old not-so-mighty WWR and WWRp squares.

Wow. All I can say is wow… Right now, JDF is the only colorway in the works and is exclusive to Good Smile, though more are thought to be planned for a bamba release later in the year.

You’ll be able to order your own between 2/12/2012 and 2/20/2012 on Good Smiles website for roughly $170 USD in Japan, oversea’s they’re a little shipping tagged on bringing the price up to about $190 USD. More info on their site.