3AA Annual Membership On Sale Next week!

Your chance to get 15% off everything 3A (sold on bambaland.com) for 2013 is right around the corner.
For your money, you’ll be getting a membership tshirt in a bullet shell case, some nice looking packaging and the oh so sexy, Nom Blanc Hunter 1/6th scale figure. If you’ve been waiting for it all year long, watching drop after drop go by wishing you could save a little scratch to support your sickness, then you won’t want to miss the window. The whole deal is going to cost ya $190 (up $10 from last years membership) unless you’re already 3AA in which case you get to use your  2012 membership discount to renew, knocking it down to $161.50. Not too shabby!

(Edit: Yesterday Ashley Wood posted that he wanted to do everyone a small solid and slashed the price $10 back down to $180. Full marks lad!)

You’ll have 24 hours from the time the sale goes live, Jan 15th @ 9am, Hong Kong time. You can read further details here!

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