Wednesday’s Wallpaper of the Week

Last week we took a little hiatus from churning out update thanks to some unforeseen life things. Those things are now behind us and we’re happy to herald in our return to form with a new Wednesday’s Wallpaper of the Week!

Those who know me know that I’ve never been a massive fan of 3A’s MK2 Square. I do however, have a soft spot for the Deimos colorway. I also dig good photography. I think my buddy Wooly combined those things wonderfully in todays Wallpaper. He captured the mischievous lil guy perfectly!

It has me wondering, “Just what IS he up to?”.

The square, that is… not Wooly. Though now that I’ve mentioned it, I sort of do wonder what he’s up to as well. 🙂

Thanks to Mike for his contribution!


click on your desired screen resolution to download!





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