Wednesday’s Wallpaper of the Week

Wednesday is upon us again. The beginning of the week safely behind us while the weekend looms in constant reminder that you have so little time to finish so much work! Wednesday is also the day we put up a fresh new wallpaper just for you!

This weeks Wednesday’s Wallpaper of the Week is by Dennisok. Since 3A decided to release an updated version of JC this week I felt it relevant to show off Dennisok’s fantastic image which captures just one of the many cool elements that makes JC such an awesome figure.  Thanks Dennis for the killer shot! Now get to downloading you ruffians!

click on your desired screen resolution to download!

1024x768 JC by Dennisok

1280x800 JC by Dennisok

1920x1200 JC by Dennisok

See ya next week!

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If you’d like to contribute to Wednesday’s Wallpaper of the Week and have your name go down in history as someone who’s image is a wallpaper on a website (which is also awesome) drop us a line at radtoyreviewATgmailDOTcom with your idea and/or image sample.

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