Wednesday’s Wallpaper of the Week

Ahhh.. Wednesday. The middle of the week! The day you do laundry, catch up on your soaps and casually walk through Victoria Secret pretending to be shopping for your Canadian girlfriend, Yvette. Wednesday is also time for a new Wednesday’s Wallpaper of the Week! Don’t toss out that old one, but try this one on for awhile to shake things up!

This weeks awesome Barguest/Fantome De Plume Wallpaper is by Benjamin Yuen, known in the back alley as Pyromaniaa. I love this shot. He really captured a lot of energy. You can almost feel the cold wind blowing through it. They look so cool together, it makes me really regret letting go of my Fantome months ago.

click on your desired screen resolution to download!

Pyromaniaa's Fantome and Barguest 1024x768

Pyromaniaa's Fantome & Barguest 1080x800

Pyromaniaa's Fantome & Barguest 1920x1200

Another great shot from Benjamin/Pyromaniaa! Bonus iPhone 4 wallpaper!

Pyromaniaa's Fantome iPhone4

See ya next week!

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