Coming Soon From 3A!

Just posted up on ThreeA Toyko’s Twitter page!

Image from threeA Tokyo

This guys huge! Might make a nice side table for the living room:)

Image from threeA Tokyo

I believe this guy is only available though GoodSmile’s website with the cost being around $200 USD. Ashley Wood previously mentioned that he wanted to bring more variants to his own store Bambaland sometime in the future.

What about you? Are you planning to snag him now or wait it out?

6 thoughts on “Coming Soon From 3A!

  1. i have nothing from the colorway, so it’s not likely that i’d pick him up. dig the new expression though. if he popped up on bamba with a different scheme he would definitely be hard to pass up.


    • I wish he opened up.. Like OG millennium falcon.. Where you could put some grunts or even a wwrp deplume… Would be a cool battle carrier..


      • I think Ash explained his functionality more as a central brain or hub for the smaller squares to compile and download battlefield information, but he also said that they could be used as gun platforms. I just don’t see where they would mount any guns. The more strategic/intelligence explination of their functionality makes more sense.


  2. I do have the Goodsmile Wonderfest 2010 Exclusive 1/6 JDF DC and Square set so this guy works for me. I am pretty sure that we will get him in other colorways too though since the JDF stuff has been so limited so far. I’d like to see a Might Demios Square myself.


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