Nabler G.I.D 3A Prize

Today I received my “prize” from 3A for winning a photo contest in issue 7 of VOX .  I was extremely surprised when scrolling down through that issue to see my pic with the words “winner” above it! There are a ton of talented people in the 3A community so for something I shot to get picked that week was very exciting!

I won’t be doing a proper review on the G.I.D Nabler as it was a prize/gift and I don’t believe it very proper to critique something given to you. Plus at the moment, I’m unsure whether I want to take him out of the package or display him as is. I don’t believe it’d be very fair for me to review a toy without playing with it first.

However, I still want to share him with you. So instead of a review, you get a short and sweet peak at him.


Le front of the card. I like that it’s even labeled as a prize. That made me grin. Obviously since he’s carded it makes it impossible for me to remove him without damaging SOMETHING. Chagrin, chagrin, chagrin…

Le back of the card. I’m trying to keep the site PG-13 so it’s cropped just so to maintain that. Tis a lovely sketch though! You might notice the inclusion of the now standard issue 3A grammatical error! Comedy!

Le Close up of Nabler himself.  He’s very clean, with just a few points of white paint to make up his facial features. I’ve seen a few other’s post up pics of their GID Nabler and they all seem to sport a smiley face. I’m glad, no one wants a sad, glowing Nabler.

Ah, the magic of G.I.D. I took him outside for a few minutes to get the above shots. He was all charged up when I came inside. This guy really glows. Sorry for the slightly blurry shot.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed the peak!

If… or more likely when, I take him out of his plastic prison I’ll post a few more shots and some impressions. I’m very happy to have him! Thanks 3A!

Le Fin

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