Welcome to RtR!

Hi, my names Knives. Welcome to my new site, Rad Toy Review! I’ve been buying, collecting and playing with toys for almost 30 years. Whether or not that’s a very sad or very awesome thing doesn’t matter. What matters is that this site exists to celebrate how awesomely rad toys can be. Our aim is to provide an in depth look at some amazing toys, games, comics, music and the occasional film. It’s still a WIP but it’s a start and I hope you enjoy the reviews and previews as much as we enjoy making them.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to RtR!

  1. Love your site! Super Clean, great photos and breakdown on the sets! Having just got my Jung & Jungler DC and Fat Drown it’s great to see you’ve already got reviews up!
    I think your very fair in your assessment of these figs and I hope you continue to be constructive rather than some of the whiners out there! Good Job!


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