*Review* 1000toys SnakeEyes



My favorite franchise as a child was Transformers.. I loved the cartoon, the characters, comics and of course the toys… but my favorite toys.. the ones I played with more than anything else without question, was GI Joe. Not only because of the huge colorful cast of characters, amazing vehicles and battle sets  you could fill your room with… but because of the articulation. Yes, back when I was <ten years old or so, I appreciated good articulation. More than appreciated it..I often turned my nose up at toys that lacked in that department. In fact, while Star Wars was easily my favorite movie/make-believe universe back then… I really didn’t like the figures… I never asked for them for Christmas (xwing, millennium falcon & tie fighter being the exceptions)or spent a dime of my allowance on them.. because I knew with their super limited articulation, I couldn’t pose them in exciting fighting poses. They couldn’t hold a gun in a cool way or wield those super rad lightsabers in both hands like they did in the films… they couldn’t even look up.

I had a ton of Transformers because I loved robots.. but I walked right past Masters of the Universe, WWF Wrestlers, Thundercats, etc in the toy isle. If they didn’t have a swivel bicep joint and rubber band holding them together, I really wasn’t interested.


Which brings me to today. Today, I’m holding a GI Joe… well, not just ANY Joe.. the most badass of Joes, freak’n Snake Eyes.. and he’s put together by the guys behind some of the MOST articulated and well made 1/6 figures available on the market today, 1000Toys. (Check out a few more of their figures we’ve reviewed herehere and here) Continue reading

It’s been a bit! SDCC and other stuff.

Hey gang!
As we gear up for San Diego Comic Con, I wanted to drop a quick note to check in and let everyone know that we’re still working hard on updating RtR with the latest and greatest. In fact, we have three reviews written, recorded and photographed. However thanks to our crazy “real world” work schedules, haven’t had a moment to edit them all for posting. That’s not an excuse… It’s just a fact. We’re a tiny family of toy enthusiast with real jobs and families and this site, as important as it is to us, doesn’t make us a dime. So sometimes, things have to be put on hold.
But we’re not going anywhere. RtR has always been about fun and sharing with the community our passion for wonderful toys that we find fascinating and inspiring.
As for the reviews, they’re coming back soon. We hope, though we’re not promising anything, to get the ones on the back burner up before SDCC hits in a couple weeks.

Speaking of which, we’re super excited for the San Diego Comic Con! Once again, we will be making the trek from our beautiful beaches here in Hawaii, to the most exciting and bustling mega event of the year.
Last year was our maiden voyage to the con and we shot a ton photos to give our readers a glimpse at the sometimes overwhelming spectacle.
This year, we’re stepping up our game. We will be covering the convention extensively with photos and HD video of artist interviews, tons of cosplay, panels and of course, toys.

To stay the most updated during the con, you should most definitely follow us on Facebook, Twitter and or new, hardly used Instagram feed at #radtoyreview. We’ll be posting steadily and heavily there during comic con a bunch of stuff that won’t necessarily make it over here to the main site. It’ll definitely be the quickest way to stay updated if you want to see practically everything we see, WHEN we see it, on the convention floor..

That’s it! That’s my sales pitch! We want to thank everyone so much for all the love and support you give our site. RtR has grown so incredibly much in the past two years its hard to believe. We wouldn’t be able to invest the time and energies to do it without ya!

See you in San Diego!