*Review* Threezero’s Fallout 4 T-45


As a new parent, one of the things I’ve learned is that each parent/caretaker has their own specific techniques that work for getting their kid to take naps. For example, my wife can feed our daughter, and she’ll just eventually fall asleep on her chest. Our nanny, can hold our daughter, wrapped in a blanket and simply sit on the couch to get her snoozing. We have a friend who literally, just lays her down in the middle of their kingsized bed and walks away. The little goblin will just pass right out.

Me? The only thing I can do to get my daughter to sleep is to bounce her on a yoga ball for however long I can stand it.. as stopping wakes her almost instantly.  My average bounce session lasts between 2 and 3 hours.

Surprisingly, this has done NOTHING for my abs.

What it HAS done is let me sit in front of our nice big TV with a wireless headset on and play a lot of video games. This is something that ironically before we had a kid, I had very little time to do.

So you heard it here first fellas, have a baby and you can play way more video games!
Ed note:results may vary)

Bouncing my little girl to sleep gives me around 4 hours a day of guaranteed gaming to look forward to. And wouldn’t you know it, Fallout 4 comes out just as I’m finishing up MGSV.

I’ve always been a big fan of the Fallout series so I wanted to go all in on this one. I picked up the kitschy special pipboy version (which we did a quick unboxing video of it on our Youtube page) and dove headfirst into the wasteland.


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Friday News

I love toys, games, comics and art. These are my passions. Today I’ve learned of the passing of someone who greatly contributed to all of those. Adam Adamowicz of Bethesda Games. He was the key concept artist behind the visual goodness of Skyrim and Fallout 3 two of my favorite games of the past 4 years.. among others.  A touching, more fitting tribute can be read here. If you’ve ever sat in awe at the beauty and vastness of Skyrim or pushed yourself to play on for “just one more hour” to see what’s on the other side of that hill in Fallout 3, you should give it a read. Here’s to his friends, family and those who knew him well. R.I.P.