It’s been a bit! SDCC and other stuff.

Hey gang!
As we gear up for San Diego Comic Con, I wanted to drop a quick note to check in and let everyone know that we’re still working hard on updating RtR with the latest and greatest. In fact, we have three reviews written, recorded and photographed. However thanks to our crazy “real world” work schedules, haven’t had a moment to edit them all for posting. That’s not an excuse… It’s just a fact. We’re a tiny family of toy enthusiast with real jobs and families and this site, as important as it is to us, doesn’t make us a dime. So sometimes, things have to be put on hold.
But we’re not going anywhere. RtR has always been about fun and sharing with the community our passion for wonderful toys that we find fascinating and inspiring.
As for the reviews, they’re coming back soon. We hope, though we’re not promising anything, to get the ones on the back burner up before SDCC hits in a couple weeks.

Speaking of which, we’re super excited for the San Diego Comic Con! Once again, we will be making the trek from our beautiful beaches here in Hawaii, to the most exciting and bustling mega event of the year.
Last year was our maiden voyage to the con and we shot a ton photos to give our readers a glimpse at the sometimes overwhelming spectacle.
This year, we’re stepping up our game. We will be covering the convention extensively with photos and HD video of artist interviews, tons of cosplay, panels and of course, toys.

To stay the most updated during the con, you should most definitely follow us on Facebook, Twitter and or new, hardly used Instagram feed at #radtoyreview. We’ll be posting steadily and heavily there during comic con a bunch of stuff that won’t necessarily make it over here to the main site. It’ll definitely be the quickest way to stay updated if you want to see practically everything we see, WHEN we see it, on the convention floor..

That’s it! That’s my sales pitch! We want to thank everyone so much for all the love and support you give our site. RtR has grown so incredibly much in the past two years its hard to believe. We wouldn’t be able to invest the time and energies to do it without ya!

See you in San Diego!


Coming Soon!

Just a heads up! A few things planned to pop up over the next few days.

Play Arts Kai’s Metal Gear Solid Snake and Cyborg Ninja reviews!

– New Indie Toy Artist Spotlight Interview with Alison Perez!

New Workshop by the amazingly talented Paul Benson!

– Facebook contest rules etc have finally been sorted.. We will post them very shortly here and there! “Like” us on Facebook to participate!

I also wanted to give a quick thanks to everyone who keeps coming back and picking up what we’re putting down over here! I can’t tell you how much we appreciate the love and support!

Coming Soon!

Rad Toy Review is all about taking high quality photos and writing in-depth, non-biased reviews of hand selected toys by some of the best (and our favorite) toy creators out there. The downside to our site’s focus on reviewing toys (as opposed to constantly reporting about toys) is that there will be times where there are lulls between our posts as we wait for new items to come in. To help ease the pain that comes with waiting, we also bring you some other great regular features that we hope you enjoy. We have The Workshop which features an ever growing wide array of top notch tips and tutorials from some of the most talented toy customizers out there. We have Wednesday’s Wallpaper of the Week which comes courtesy of some truly fantastic toy photographers who we bribe with big toothy smiles for an awesome image each week, just for you. We have our new comic strip series, “Pew Pew,” which is mostly silly stuff from a silly guy. We also recently started our new Rad Toy Review Youtube channel with which we’re working on some some cool ideas that you should start seeing pop up soon!

We hope you’ll check back often. The easiest way to stay updated is by following us here, on Twitter, or liking us on Facebook. You’ll be automatically notified every time a new review or feature goes live.

As for the reviews, here are just a few things coming up really soon!

Kotobukiya’s Zone of Enders model kit review!

Play Arts Kai’s Metal Gear Solid Snake and Cyborg Ninja reviews!

3A’s Adventure Kartel Jungle Vet Ankou and WWR EMGY Caesar reviews!

and more!

Also don’t forget about our Facebook contest. We’re having to rethink our original idea but will publish an update with new info once we finalize our plans! Hey, we have to wing some of this stuff!

more to come… 🙂