“YourChoices3” is a new thing we wanted to try to give you guys some say in what we review. Doing toy reviews (doing them well, anyway) written and/or video takes a lot of time and effort.
The thing is, time isn’t as available as it used to be around here with our new baby and jobs.
Even so, the toys are still piling up!  So we came up with an idea that we thought would be cool that lets you guys choose what we review next so we can focus our efforts on things that you guys care about most.

Here’s the first go around –
(pictured from left to right)
A. Mezco Toyz 6″ Batman
B. World of 3A 3AGo (Various – TK, Bertie, Mars)
C. 1000toys SDCC2015‬ Exclusive AntiCarb

Just leave the letter of your choice in the comments below and we’ll tally it up after a week or so and get to cracking on it!

Thanks for participating!

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