SDCC 2015 Wrap Up! Toys & Collectibles

Alive, slightly less sore, a little less tired and a whole lot more excited about all the amazing goodies coming out in the next year. That’s me, right now, a few days after the mean streets of SDCC closed it’s hollowed halls.

Actually, THAT’S me (Thanks Sideshow Collectibles), sporting my first ever semi-cosplay as the mighty Jack Burton from Big Trouble and Little China. Never having done that sort of thing before I can tell you, it’s a little strange being on the other side of the lens. I was stopped constantly by people happy to see their nigh-forgotten hero brought to life in front of them so perfectly.
“Wait a minute, Kurt Russel didn’t have a beard in that movie.”
“But he COULD! It’s all in the reflexes.”

I took a million photos, just like I do each year and as a result, I’ve only been able to go through and edit a few. I’m splitting my wrap up into two sections. For this article, I’m focusing on the Toys and Collectibles. I’ll post our massive Cosplay gallery in the next day or so. If you’re here for that, check back soonly!

Someone told me this year’s SDCC felt muted compared to past ones he’s been to. I told him I felt more like someone turned the volume all the way up, but then unplugged the subwoofer. All the noise, crowd and aggressive fart clouds were there… but something else wasn’t. There’s no punch line or resolution to this paragraph’s setup.  I honestly can’t explain why I felt that way because I could never quite put my finger on it.
Maybe I’m just getting old or jaded… or both.

Most of the usual movie franchise-flaunting epic-ness was still in full effect, though the lack of Marvel popping off a big super hero movie to blow the doors off things with it’s mega star powered money machines was certainly noticeable. But we had freaking Star Wars! You simply can’t get bigger than that, can you? DC/Warner Bros had Batman V Superman which raised hope as well as expectations for many. Leaked trailers of the new Ryan Reynolds/Sony R rated Deadpool flick as well as the up-until-now-almost-universally-panned-as-going-to-be-awful Suicide Squad caused a huge stir.

At one point, whilst I roamed the floors, the cast of Game of Thrones caused people to amass in claustrophobic picture-taking panic when they sauntered onto the showroom floor for their scheduled signings. I was only able to snap a few before the swarm overtook me.

Mike Tyson, Conan O’ Brien, Bryan Cranston, Ben Affleck, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Seth Green (of course), Jennifer Lawrence.. the list goes on and on. The San Diego Conference Center had more stars under one roof than in the entire city of LA on a good day.

Speaking of GoT, I ran into the Red Lady (Carice van Houten) after hours at a nearby pub. She was kind enough to take some time for some friendly conversation and a photo. After chatting a few moments she realized that her boyfriend(?) and her had mistakenly walked into the wrong event and in her words, they’d be “F*KT” if anyone spotted them. Being the nice, bearded guy I am, I helped usher them out a side door before anyone else noticed she was even there… like a murdering shadow with the face of Stannis.

*end scene.

Anyway, for me this year’s SDCC may have been missing an un-explainable something, but I don’t want to poo poo on it too much, I had a fantastic time seeing old friends and making new ones. Where else in the world can you rub shoulders with the cast of GoT and big Hollywood films, dressed like an obscure Dr Who reference while carrying a backpack full of limited furry toys?
I will say that there are some truly exciting collectibles and toys coming down the lane.  Isn’t that what you’re here for? I’ll leave the constant chatter-y for another day and go over a few of the best things I spotted at the con.

Four Horsemen

I love these guys. Not only is their presence felt throughout various other companies toys (Batman V Superman, Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, Star Wars, etc) Their latest IP, Mythic Legions was represented in all it’s unpainted factory proto glory. If you’re like me and jumped into that kickstarter with both feet, the wait shouldn’t be that much longer. That giant troll sculpted by the incredibly talented Eric Treadaway was also shown and will have cloth elements and various changeable hands, heads and weapons.

They had some new Power Lords that looked great. I’m not even big on that line, but the added armored stuff looks stellar.


The sweet new Spiderman protos were there, if only in fussed-leg, maquette form to show off their intent for articulation.

The recently released TK Archer was posed up next to the freaking HUGE Heavy TK Loper Bothead. (Can’t wait for it to ship!!)

That little baby (the last TK) that Archer is holding looks less doofy than it did in the proto picks, I’m happy to say.

They had on display a few of their new large scale Paschas. I don’t know what I’d do with one, but you could probably talk me into buying one of the Star Wars helmeted versions for the office… or to have someone to talk to when I’m lonely because my wife kicks me out of the house for bringing home a 2 foot tall half naked sexy Star Wars doll.

The thing that excited me the most at their booth was probably the 3AGO classic retail berties they had on display.

Sandcrab, Ghost Hunter and NW/DW all  looked fantastic and even though EMGY wasn’t anywhere to be seen, you KNOW he’s coming. All instant buys.

side note: I get to see behind some closed booth-doors the up and coming steel age Batman prototype and hold it in my meaty palms. Get excited 3A/Batman fans… get excited because it’s going to be awesome.

Sideshow Collectibles Booth

Always one of the main attractions on the showroom floor, the Sideshow booth is where rich collectors go to die. Or rather, their wallets do.

Some of the highlights of their booth this year for me was their incredible Thundercats Statue. Often times going an unique route on a beloved franchise leads to disaster. In Sideshow’s case, they hit the nail square on the roaring head. Love it. Now give me a fully articulated version so I can skip a mortgage payment.

Of course, they had all the various recently released and soon to come Hot Toys Star Wars figs (alright, Leia!).

Antman looked pretty amazing too!

I’m also a huge fan of their premium statues. The sculpt and details are just incredible. Each year I have to rearrange my mental list of “if I was going to just buy one, it’d be…”

This year, it’d definitely be Red Sonja… or the Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman… or the super rad Symbonite Spiderman… ugh, it never ends.


Last year, MONDO showed off their first foray into high-end, toy-goodness land with Iron Giant. This year, they’ve scooped up the TMNT license and are making what is essentially NECA/Larson TMNT… grown up to 1/6 scale. I don’t care if the TMNT license is being used inside and out by more companies than Wolverine has guest slots in comics, these are some fine looking figures. Much excite!


I’ve always loved He Man and the Masters of the Universe, but other than a handful of figures, I’ve never really enjoyed collecting the toys. I was talking with the Four Horsemen about this, being as they are the ones most responsible for bringing that 80’s born universe and keeping it relevant today.
It never occurred to me that the reason the toys never clicked with me is because when I was a young boy, I was hooked on the cartoon. So when I went to the toy store to buy the He Man toys, they looked NOTHING like the cartoon and I HATED that. Sure, I had a few of the main dudes, my cousins had all of them… I mean that literally… ALL of them… but I could never get past that disconnect.

Well FINALLY, the wrongs have been writ true. Mattel, with the help of the mighty Four Horsemen have officially announced Classic Animation Style MotU figures. They look phenomenal.

Other goodies in the booth include a new, fresh (Four Horsemen) take on Thundercats, a bunch of pretty great looking Superman V Batman figures from their new 1/6th line and a whole smattering of Batman-based 6 inch figures.


The thing I wanted the most from the con, was the most elusive… the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Black Series Storm Trooper. If I’d come home with it and only it… I’d be a satisfied man. As it is, I’m staring at ebay prices and shaking my fuzzy, tear moistened, bearded head.
Oh yeah! I also met Sgt Slaughter.


1000Toys (at the Bluefin booth)

So of course 1000toys had their new con exclusive Anti-Carb (Got one, thanks! Review coming soon!) they also showed off some proto sculpts of up and coming figures from the line. I’m probably bias, but I’m digging the grizzled dude with the beard. It was also great seeing my pals who handed me a production version of the Carb, the sample of which I recently previewed over on our YouTube page. The differences between the two are subtle, but notable. I’ll do a little write up on that soon as well.

Bluefin had all sorts of other super cool things on display. If I had the shelf room I’d be pouncing on the Star Wars egg head stuff.

Play Arts Kai/Square Enix

Each year, I love stopping by this booth. The crazy Variant Universe figures, many of which are designed by Tetsuya Nomura of Final Fantasy fame, are always a joy to look at.

Some of the over the top designs can be a little hard to swallow (or maybe that’s the ever inching towards $150 a pop price point PAK figures are starting to require) but it’s hard not be stunned by the ornate work that goes into these. Beauty ain’t cheap.


I feel like NECA really brought their A-Game this year. They had a few very impressive 1/4 scale figures on display.

My buddy Bryan, used here as reference, stands next to their massive Age of Ultron Hulk proto. Even with him standing there, it still doesn’t really do it justice. I’ve never known NECA to be synonymous with care and detail, but that’s a darn solid sculpt. Probably my favorite thing lining their shelf was the Batman Returns Penguin.. it’s like DeVito shrank about a foot or so shorter and is snarling and bleeding black goo from his lips, all over again. Amazing.

Glitch Netword (Foxbox)

I was actually surprised I bumped into these guys. Bryan Lie was one of the nicest guys I spoke to all weekend. They had some of their latest on display including a figure by the incredibly talented,  Melita Curphy. I’ve always admired her beautiful work and seeing it coming from the dudes who brought us the impressively designed world of God Complex, leaves me feeling all sorts of wonderous-ness inside.

Hopefully I’ll have an opportunity to review a few of their latest pieces relatively soon!


Mezco showed off a solid lineup from their new-ish One:12 Collective line. The recently released Dark Knight Batman(s) and a gaggle of Judge Dredd variant figures lined their cases. I think my favorite had to be Space Ghost which I somehow failed to snap a usable picture of… oh well, here’s more Batman.


Another booth I love to click my shutter through. Their line up of liceneses expands year after year and sooner than later, they’re gonna have to figure out a way to expand their booth to fit it all! If I were to be totally honest about what I like best about Koto, it’s their bishoujo line. If only because it’s the one thing they’re legitimately doing that no one else is. There’s a million versions of Wonder Woman or Batgirl out there, but not that many sculpted Pin-Up style with DC’s blessing.

And they sure know how to sculpt ’em. Who doesn’t like sexy superheroes? I missed out on the Red She-Hulk, but it’s probably just as well… bringing her home to ogle at in my office would probably make my wife “want SMASH!”


ThreeZero had a small, but impressive, display set up this year, tucked over in the Diamond Select booth. The stuff that stood out the most to me was their upcoming 1/6 Titanfall Pilot (available now for preorder)

and the last big bot from their Titanfall lineup, Ogre.

They also had Jessie and Walter White on display, but the glare was pretty bad on the case. So, I couldn’t get a good angle to take a better photo. Deal with it bitch!

Acid Rain

Acid Rain had a pretty great display up this year… unfortunately for me, each time I went by the area, there was a huge line wrapped around in front of it.

I’d have to squeeze in between patient (and sometimes not so patient) line standers to try and grab a few pictures of what they had to show off.  The inclusion of female figures and an amphibious mech raised my eyebrows in the best possible way.

It really looks like a fantastic lineup is on it’s way to Acid Rain fains in 2016!

Wrapping it up!

James Jean inspired TMNT

That’s about it! Obviously, there was a ton more on the floor worth checking out and getting excited about. Even if you go browse through our massive gallery on our Facebook Page… you still won’t have seen everything. Each day I walked into the con, I’d round a corner to discover some new figure or collectible that I hadn’t seen at all the day before.

There’s bazillion more photos you can check out over on our Facebook page if you like… they’ll just lack the incessant chatter you put up with here.

Thanks for reading and browsing the purty pictures everyone! Please check out and follow us on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram for more toy news, reviews, photos and videos! Until next time, Aloha!

Super 7 original MotU action figures


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