Edit: Show’s over! Congratulations to the winners and a tip of the hat to the fine gents who put this contest together!

– knives

We here at RtR are proud to support the community generated raffle “Invade Dominate Destroy.”

In short, this raffle is to help out our friend and fantastic member of the toy and custom community,  Simon”Goatballs” Be. What better time to do so than the holidays?

The quick version of how this will work all starts with you buying a ticket, which will cost you $15. Each ticket enters your name 5 times into the raffle. Obviously, the more tickets you buy the better your chances of winning the prizes will be.

Prizes you say? Oh, yes indeed.

So far, 2 grand prizes have been shown and a 3rd teased. Each has been hand painted and customized by custom toy wizards Razak Mahnster, Carlo ‘WWWETWORKS’ Cacho and Michael ‘BUBO’ Reilly.

Prize #1

A Custom 3A Tomorrow King 1:6th Scale toy, by Wwwetworks & Mahnster. It sports a black tee with a samurai face-shield logo in teal on the front. His pants and pouches are dyed a deep purple and comes with some really sporting tats!

Prize # 2

A custom 1/12th scale 2-eyed zombot diorama, by artist Wwwetworks. This set features a 1/6th scale square as a base, and a fantastic rust patina tying the whole piece together. Truly a one-of-a-kind diorama, and a welcome addition to any collection.

Prize #3

A custom WWRp 1/12th scale JEA Dropcloth by Bubo. This dropcloth features the popular ‘JEA’ colorway, which has not been available in this scale. One lucky winner will be adding this awesome bot to their crew.

Every ticket you purchase also gets you a custom 1/6 baseball bat cast by Bubo off of one of Goatballs’ own hand-made creations. (Check out Goat’s bat making tutorial he did for us) You’ll also have a chance to win a one of a kind, hand painted bat.

The unpainted bat you will receive for each ticket you buy

The hand painted/detailed bat you have a chance to win just by entering

For all the up to date information and to purchase your own tickets, hit up the websites below:

Hurry! The raffle ends next Wednesday, 12/12/12. Don’t miss your chance!

Thanks so much for your interest and good luck! These custom figures look sick! Big thanks to Bubo for putting this thing together!

Rad Toy Review is in no way affiliated with Invade Dominate Destroy or the creatives involved, however we want to help give back to the community. Their opinions and actions may not represent that of RtR’s.

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