Facebook contest announcement and Coming Soon!

Our Facebook “write your own toy review” contest deadline is fast approaching and I’m a little surprised, but we’ve yet to receive a single finalized submission! When I first announced the contest I got all kinds of emails asking for more details about it, people expressing interest and asking if it was cool to write about (insert toy name here) to which the answer was generally “yes!”

I figured we’d be flooded by now. But no, not a single one.

What’s a guy have to do? I have a nice bag of loot to give away to the winners. One I’m particularly excited about is an Ashley Wood customized and signed DIY MK2 Square I asked him to work on at SDCC specifically for this contest.

I’d hate to have to keep it! 😉

So get your cameras out, grab your favorite new toy off the shelf! Take some cool photos, write some thought out cool words… and send it in! What do you have to lose?

I’m going to extend this contest until August 11th, 2012. That two weeks folks! Get on it!

On to other business!

We’ve been hit with a landslide of goodies over the past week or so and now we’re just searching for the time to write about them. We also have had a few things sitting in the wings that for some reason or another have been delayed. We hope to remedy this all soon.

SO! Here’s some stuff coming super soon. (We hope.)

REVIEWS (listed alphabetically)

1. CS Moore’s Grimm Fairy Tales Alice action figure

2. Kotobukiya’s Asuka Kazama

3. Play Arts Kai/Square Enix’s Metal Gear Solid Ninja

4. 3A’s BBICN Punter Bot Sniper

6. 3A’s King Thumb

7. 3A’s Kyoku

5. 3A and Valve’s SDCC 2012 Companion Cube

8. 3A’s Shadow and Light Oya Set (!!!)

9. 3A’s Action Portable Zombs (note the “s”)

10. 3A’s Whisper Ghost


1. Parts 4 and 5 of markovengine’s custom Mini Bertie tutorial

2. Paul Benson’s DIY 1/6 Samurai sword

We also have a lot of exciting plans for the artist spotlight section that are a little slow going but will hopefully pan out over the course of next month.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and supporting our little site! We really appreciate it and hope you enjoy checking out our posts as much as we enjoy posting them!



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