Wednesday’s Wallpaper of the Week

Today’s excellent wallpaper was created by Alice Adrenochrome. A lovely composition that teases a subject that 3A fans will be very familiar with. It depicts 3A’s Oyaloper standing over the 7 bones of fallen Tomorrow Kings. So far, 3A has released three of the seven 7 bones: Wasabi, Kyoku and Queeny. Not much has been revealed of the remaining four other than a peak we got back in January of the back of the poster that will come with Queeny. Check it.

A nice round of applause for Alice for contributing this weeks wallpaper. Please check out his Facebook and Flikr pages to see more of his awesome photos.

click on your desired screen resolution to download!

Alice 7Bones 1024x768

Alice 7Bones 1280x800

Alice 7Bones 1920x1200

See ya next week!

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If you’d like to contribute to Wednesday’s Wallpaper of the Week and have your name go down in history as someone who’s image is a wallpaper on a website (which is also awesome) drop us a line at with your idea and/or image sample.

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