*Preview* Ori Toy’s Ori-Fig

From time to time a toy company will rise from the ashes and catch our wandering eye. Today that company is Ori Toy. We were so impressed by their first action figure/vinyl toy offering that we had no choice but to grab a handful of them, take some shots and spread the toy gospel. Keep an eye on these guys.. they’re going to be HUGE!

Big thanks to Josh Shimko for hooking us up with the shots and some thoughts!

– Knives

Coming straight from Ori-Toy, a relatively new company to the world of original toys, comes the Ori-Fig! A beautiful blend of designer vinyl aesthetic with all the articulation you love out of modern action figures. Shown here are XiaHou Yuan, Zhang Fei, and Zhang Liao; three of the first five figures to be released.

All figures are from “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” which is  a dramatic retelling of China’s history.

Each figure includes a decent amount of accessories, including three different faces that can be easily interchanged from the figures’ head. Worth noting is that every figure seems to include a “Silly” face. My favorite has to be Zhang Fei’s with that goofy grin! Also included are a set of extra open hands and various weapons. XiaHou Yuan even comes with a hand to hold his arrow! All Ori-figs come with a handy interlocking stand so you can pull of even more exciting poses otherwise impossible.

These are available now at various retailers, we got our batch at Bigbadtoystore. Get them while you still can! We hope to do a full fledge review of these in the near future. For now we hope you enjoy the quick write up and allow the pictures do most of the talking!

Until next time!

One thought on “*Preview* Ori Toy’s Ori-Fig

  1. I appreciate you letting me do this for the site! Anyone interested in getting any of these, DO SO NOW. You will definitely not be disappointed in this line. Its certainly a breath of fresh air.


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