Coming This week!

Alright, we had some great content last week with some super additions to The Workshop! This week, we hope to top that and actually get some more TOY REVIEWS under our collective belt! This is what’s coming this week.

– Yes, yes.. I know I said this last week but this time I PROMISE! The much delayed, yet totally worth it 3A’s Blind Cowboy and Ghost Horse Review!

– The Workshop will get a truly awesome new tutorial that will knock your socks off. Most in-depth one yet with over 30 pics.. stay tuned, you’re going to love it!

– We’re going to do our first ever NON-THREEA toy review! “By the power of Mattel, I have the…”

– Of course Wednesday’s Wallpaper of the Week will have some nice new eye candy for your desktop

– If the gods smile on us, we’re hoping to launch an exciting new regular feature on the site as well. More on that to come.

– Other things to look out for that may or may not actually appear.. sandwiches, mogwai, silly hats and of course, beloved Croatian melodies from the 1920’s and 30’s.


– knives

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