3A Square 8Pack

This little write up isn’t going to be so much a review as it’s a quick overview of a recent release that just arrived at my doorstep. 

Ashley Wood’s WWR Square design is one of, if not the most iconic toy designs from the artist. As a supposed last hurrah to celebrate the love many have for the little fellah, 3A released a limited 60 min sale of this great 8 pack in what is meant to be the last time we see 3A/Ash post a classic WWR Square for sale. 

Ash has changed his mind in the past, but if these really are the last of their kind.. they’re leaving on a pretty good note! The new designs are not tied to previously existing World War Robot factions as in the past.. ie: Iron Panda, Emergency, Medic, JEA.. but instead seem to be pulled from creative thin air, loosely tying into things most of us have no previous knowledge of. All in all, I love the set. It’s bright and colorful and it’s hard not to love that toothy grin.

Here’s a few more pics to enjoy! You can view the full gallery over on our facebook and flickr pages!

Current 3A Pre-order Info! – Microman String Divers

Hey guys, just thought I’d inform those who may not know that right now you have a little less than 24 hours to head over to Bambaland.com and grab as many of these cool little guys as you like! Sale info and pictures below are from the official 3AVox newsletter

On Sale Now At Bambaland Store

PRICING And DETAILS – Includes Free International Shipping

  • SD00 Marcus (Orange) – 6-Inch Scale Collectible Figure: $45 USD
  • SD01 Aki (Grey) – 6-Inch Scale Collectible Figure: $45 USD
  • SD02 Maxim (Black) – 6-Inch Scale Collectible Figure: $45 USD
  • SD03 Dante (Red) – 6-Inch Scale Collectible Figure: $45 USD
  • SD04 Sam (Blue) – 6-Inch Scale Collectible Figure: $45 USD
  • SD05 Julian (Clear) – 6-Inch Scale Collectible Figure: $45 USD

*Design and color may change on final shipping version